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Sources: infiniteupdates, justwoohyun.


[more under cut]


[Sweet lord baby jesus]

Sources: turningpoint428, douerky, infiniteupdates.

This man is killing me

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Interesting to note that only 3 male groups managed to score a CAK (and not necessarily the ones I was expecting): Big Bang, Ikon, and INFINITE.

I knew INFINITE had "All-Kills" with their other songs, but a CAK? with their CHRISTMAS SONG nonetheless? That info completely flew out of my mind for some reasons.

Also, justice for Miss A!


This beautiful specimen is none other than INFINITE's Visual L (from his real name, Kim Myungsoo). He used to suck at singing a lot, but heh, people can improve.

He is beautiful

[very beautiful]

And very cuddly

[cuddle monster]

1st: 2PM - Galaxy of 2PM

2nd: BTS - The Most Beautiful Moment in Life : Young Forever

3rd: Infinite's Nam Woohyun - Write..

4th Tiffany - I just wanna dance

5th: Twice - Page Two

Sources: tower, high10sion.

The ranking is similar to Hanteo's chart (except the switch between BTS and Woohyun), but look at 2PM!

[details under cut]

Sources: naver, girlgroupzone, eunjiprotectionsquad.


Source: INFINITE 인피니트 Forever 2, 41days.

Myungsoo went to japan to support his short hyung

INFINITE’s Woohyun looks like he’s off to a great start in his solo career!

After his solo album “Write…” went on pre-sale on May 9, the 50,000 copies of his album has been sold out completely even before the actual offline sale started on May 10.

According to Woolim Entertainment on May 10, the agency currently went into an urgent production to add more albums after all the copies were sold out by the pre-sales. Even before Woohyun’s album was released online, it ranked number one in pre-sales in various music stores.

Woolim Entertainment added, “We are in the middle of trying to produce more of his albums, but the production will take more time than that of a regular album since it is high in quality.”

Meanwhile, Woohyun will start his solo promotions on May 12 with “M!Countdown.”

[Also currently n° 1 on Hanteo charts]

Sources: Naver, soompi, hanteo, furhyun.

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