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Sure, it's not the Eunji/Twice battle for domination but it's such a stark constrast from when people kept calling them floplyz and all the knetz comments were always so negative.


APink‘s Eunji transforms into a singer-songwriter for solo debut!

As announced previously, APink’s Eunji is finally going solo after a long-awaited solo debut!

Plan A have announced that she will be releasing her first solo mini-album. Eunji has revealed that she is producing her title track by herself. In the teaser photo previously released, we saw someone’s hand and a flower. Now we know that Eunji is the one writing the lyrics on her notebook.

She will be releasing her solo debut mini-album on April 18th KST!

Are you guys ready for Eunji‘s solo debut?

Sources: seoulwave, ejya, koalmi.

Get it, Queen!


Pink Pandas, time to rejoice as A Pink’s main vocal Jung Eunji released first teaser for her solo debut!

Plan A Entertainment that houses A Pink revealed that Eunji will be debuting as a solo on April 18 and uploaded a teaser photo stating it. She will be releasing a mini album for the said debut.

Eunji debuted five years ago with her group A Pink and this is the only time that she will be promoting as solo in terms of music.

Eunji has been active as a member of A Pink and as an idol-actress as well. She have played lead roles in several dramas such as Reply 1997, Trot Lovers, Sassy Go Go and more.

Are you also excited to see her debut as a solo?

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This queen is ready to slay

The preparations for Jung Eun Ji‘s solo debut are nearly finished, according to her agency Plan A Entertainment.

As previously reported, the A Pink member is set to release her first solo album next month. Her representative updated fans on their progress on March 24, revealing that fans can look forward to more than just one or two songs.

Jung Eun Ji’s solo debut will take place in late April. The release will be a mini album.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Ji has been preparing for her solo debut since late last year, but was ultimately forced to delay the release due to her acting activities. Since her debut, she has earned recognition for her bright voice and outstanding singing talent, and many of her OST tracks, particularly for “Reply 1997,” have been hugely popular.

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the news had been announced last month actually, but better late that never lol



[Who stole the spotlight?]

Because of Woohyun's tweet at the 'Hiya' premiere:

And thus inevitably

Woohyun at Meet the parents' night 'Hiya' premiere

[and it escalates]

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