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Super rookie Highlight gets first triple crown on Music Bank #Highlight8thWin

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Sources: highlight_story (1, 2), yysbeast,

They were already done with promo last week but good for them. lol
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A 2woo shenanigans post

[It is my duty to spread this]

[And this]

Sources: ddong_gg0, infiniteupdates, \(=_=)/남찍찍♡
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INFINITE D-3 Vlive countdown: Sunggyu [eng sub]


Sources: infiniteupdates, justwoohyun.
Yamamoto Takeshi, KHR

List of groups/artists who achieved a Certified All-kill on iChart from 2011 to 2016

Source: lilyU__.

Interesting to note that only 3 male groups managed to score a CAK (and not necessarily the ones I was expecting): Big Bang, Ikon, and INFINITE.

I knew INFINITE had "All-Kills" with their other songs, but a CAK? with their CHRISTMAS SONG nonetheless? That info completely flew out of my mind for some reasons.

Also, justice for Miss A!